Be the Bread. Start from Scratch.

Bakewell Farm sees a need for community. Real community that is united in even the simplest things like bread. 


To deliver "bread-centric” classes and demonstrations in a farm/rural setting for the general public as well as for public school students, and for personal & professional career development opportunities.

Core Values

1) Artistic sensibility: Bakewell Farm is innovative and aesthetically appealing to all of the senses.

2) Giving to Community: Bakewell Farm fosters connections throughout the community by providing access, outreach and education opportunities to community members of all ages, means and backgrounds.

3) Entertainment: Bakewell Farm is a place where visitors, students, and employees enjoy themselves.

4) Achievement: Bakewell Farm strives for excellence in programming, maintenance, and products.

5) Financial Performance: Bakewell Farm maintains fiscal viability.