Makes us blush!


A friend writes:

bread for sccap.jpg

Hello Marc!
Imagine my surprise when I walked into SCCAP food pantry for my Wednesday afternoon volunteering and I saw beautiful freshly baked sourdough bread from Bakewell Farm! I gather it was the bread from our class last night; how nice of you to donate it! The clients at the food pantry loved it. Most especially, two young girls who came through with their mom were so excited about your bread and would love to take bread baking classes with you. If you have a bread baking class for kids, let me know because Iā€™d love to let them know if I see them next time they are in. (Also, I could help with a scholarship if needed ). They were so excited about the bread and our conversation about baking that they actually gave me hugs on their way out!
Thanks for teaching me how to bake bread! And, thanks for giving back to our community!

Happy Thanksgiving! Be well!  Cynthia