Makes us blush!

Bakewell Farm brings portable bread oven to Boyer Cellars

by Charles Stangor

As printed in the Gettysburg Times

Mushroom and cheese pizzas were baked on a 4-ton, portable, wood-fired bread oven and served to patrons at the Boyer Cellars Winery in Biglerville on Sunday afternoon.

The oven, which was towed to the site on its dedicated trailer, is an active part of the non-profit Bakewell Farm’s mission to promote healthy nutritional practices through knowledge about and enjoyment of bread in all forms to Adams County Residents.

Profits from the pizza sales help fund programs such as community bakes and a community youth baker training program that are sponsored by Bakewell Farm.

Marc Jalbert, former owner of the Gettysburg Baking Company and now Director of Bakewell Farm, said that the outing was the maiden voyage of the oven, which is normally stored and used at the home site of Bakewell Farm on Boyds Hollow Road.

Residents can expect to see the oven around the county at a variety of sites over the summer, including the Annual Heritage Festival in September at the Gettysburg Recreational Park. Bakewell Farm also offers courses in baking at several local locations.


A friend writes:

bread for sccap.jpg

Hello Marc!
Imagine my surprise when I walked into SCCAP food pantry for my Wednesday afternoon volunteering and I saw beautiful freshly baked sourdough bread from Bakewell Farm! I gather it was the bread from our class last night; how nice of you to donate it! The clients at the food pantry loved it. Most especially, two young girls who came through with their mom were so excited about your bread and would love to take bread baking classes with you. If you have a bread baking class for kids, let me know because I’d love to let them know if I see them next time they are in. (Also, I could help with a scholarship if needed ). They were so excited about the bread and our conversation about baking that they actually gave me hugs on their way out!
Thanks for teaching me how to bake bread! And, thanks for giving back to our community!

Happy Thanksgiving! Be well!  Cynthia

Diane Woodward, manager of Boyer Cellars, said that the “pizza product is delicious” and that the crowd of 30 or more people on a Sunday afternoon was “increased due to Bakewell Farm’s presence.” She also said that the non-profit would be returning several times over the year to bake pizzas, mostly for Friday and Saturday events. 

Each firing of the oven uses hardwood that has been donated to the non-profit through its “Bread for BTUs” program. The wood heats the oven to over 900 degrees Fahrenheit and when it is hot it cooks each pizza in less than 5 minutes.

Jalbert said that it was possible to make a high-temperature wood-fired bread oven portable due to its “awesome design and construction.”

Boyer Cellars has been in operation since 2016 in partnership with Great Shoals Winery in Silver Spring MD. Woodward said that all of the cider is made with apples from the Boyer property, but that the grapes for the wines come from other locations.

As she helped customers taste wine and cider, employee April Jones said that “Boyers is a serene place to come smell the apples and the cherries.”  Bill Tyson, a Bakewell Farm board member volunteering with the pizza crew said that “people seem to enjoy coming out and drinking wine.”

And eating pizza.