Bakewell Farm Dreams Big

There are lots of events and ideas that Bakewell Farm has brewing! 

Pizza Night: Bakewell Farm invites area non-profits to partner with us for weekday pizza nights to raise money and awareness for both the host organization and Bakewell Farm. (Church Groups, Youth Groups, Boy Scouts, Team Night to name a few)

Chefs on Fire: Pairing local chefs with Bakewell Farm's wood fired oven, we offer an evening of delicious food entirely prepared and executed with life-fire cooking techniques. Chefs on Fire provides publicity for participating chefs, Bakewell Farm and local food banks. Proceeds will benefit local food banks and Bakewell Farm programs. 

Baker's Table: Enjoy an evening of good food and community out at Bakewell Farm in Biglerville. Gather around the woodfired stove, cook in the Bakewell Farm kitchen, walk around the beautifully landscaped grounds and get to know a group of people like you never have before.