Healing Letter

I believe the challenge for the healthcare “industry” is to seize opportunities to construct and act as leaders in how to conceive and build our physical spaces– in ways that would embody a healing ethos. The famous quote attributed to Winston Churchill reads, “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us." Wouldn't it be grand to have health care institutions provide a hand in "shaping" healthy communities on a physical level as well? This quote could ultimately be recast to read, “We heal our buildings; thereafter they heal us.”

Healthcare professionals are expert in creating spaces that deliver treatment, intervention, recovery and healing. Imagine developing building/community/concept prototypes that offer a healing ethos as a physical manifestation of how it naturally behaves/interacts with a person. 

Could there be a recalibration of how healthcare is delivered more transparently? How could it become more demonstrative and less reactive in people’s lives? Could it live more among us, rather than existing merely as "services rendered?” Is it possible for it to devolve constructively and absorbed by the multiple facets that create community?

 Is it simply a question of scale, focus and recalibration?